Portakabin Titan

We have just started a project with Portakabin and other SME’s. We are looking at using IoT and AI to support the more efficient running of these temporary modular buildings and increase the automation of the ESG reporting. This week the project team met for the first time face to face up at the Portakabin factory in York.

This was my first visit to a factoy in what seems like ages, was great to get that behind the scenes look at how things are made. On one hand the Portakabin is a remarkably simple structure - a steel frame with wall / ceiling / floor panels - but the factory is also full of complex machinary being used to push, pull, join and move these large objects around. The new production line had some pretty impressive robotic welding jigs - big enought to hold and rotate a whole 18m Portakabin.

They have an innovation centre on site (the focus of our visit) which showcases the R&D they are doing to keep current in the industry. Some really neat solutions for remote monitoring and automated control. Alongside these innovation units was the original Portakabin. This evoked strong memories of Portakabins I must have experienced in the 80’s!

Original Portakabin

Updates on the project will be added to work project page.

The day trip up to York also meant a visit up to the lovely North East coast.