GardenLab Vis

A couple of weeks ago the GardenLab officially opened after months of transforming the roof garden into a space we can use for research. A lovely collaborative effort across research departments at UCL East and a great example of interdisciplinary research. We have been using the space to test our a variety of IoT sensors and for the development of some experimental data visualisation.

GardenLab Opening

This great LinkedIn post contains a video overview of the GardenLab demo. Jim was impressed. Below are some images from the Garden and the data vis.

GardenLab Vis - shadows GardenLab Vis - shadows from the Lidar scans - echoes of the human operators.

GardenLab Vis - pond height GardenLab Vis - pond height - info on the sensor plus a link to a data feed on The Things Network

GardenLab Vis - weather station with mqtt GardenLab Vis - weather station with mqtt live feed embedded into the web vis - updates every 3 seconds

Tektelic soil sensor Soil sensor monitoring GWC - sending data via Lora every 30 minutes

GardenLab Opening A Birdnet-Pi is running in the Garden with a live video stream

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