Bob Mortimer - And Away

We are a fans of Bob Mortimer in our house. My wife maybe a little too much. A friend lent me “And Away” a while back but it is still sitting on the shelf in the living room waiting to be read. My capacity for buying books seems to exceed my capacity to read them. I noticed the audio book a couple of weeks ago on Spotify so that has been my “listening while doing odd jobs” around the house.

I had loads of “laugh out loud” moments which the kids find a bit weird when I am walking around the house with headphones on. I really liked his call out at the end to bring the introverts into the conversation. Please do that.

I also liked his lists. So this post is a reminder of all the things that I need to make sure I teach my kids. Here are my first 33 to get me going…

  • Find people that make you laugh and spend as much time with them as you can

  • Eat breakfast, dinner and tea

  • Learn how to open a bottle of wine

  • In evolutionary terms, cycling is the best form of travel humans have invented

  • People watching is more fun than TV watching

  • Watch as many sunsets as you can

  • The only good time to drive around London is at 3am

  • If you see someone at an event standing by themselves, go and chat to them, they will really appreciate it

  • Drink lots of water, it really does help

  • Learn to ride a motorbike, but ride it carefully

  • Protect yourself from the mid day sun

  • Always try and have somewhere you can grow plants

  • Buy good stuff that lasts

  • The journey is a main part of the holiday

  • How to make a fire

  • How to know which way to go, but also to be comfortable with being lost

  • To balance on one leg (both legs)

  • The benefits of hoovering

  • How to make a Caipirinha or a cocktail of their choice

  • To never send a reply to a message that annoys you within 20 mins of receiving it

  • To speak less and listen more

  • No one is better than you, less so if they think they are

  • Listen to the sea, it is trying to tell you something

  • Don’t drop litter or put raw sewage into rivers

  • Eat out whenever you can

  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eye health

  • Buy a picture from places you visit

  • Get rid of uncomfortable furniture

  • Always have a bottle opener to hand

  • Make notes that you can look at 20 years later, they will be funny and embarrassing

  • Learn to sing

  • Eat outside with other people

  • Listen to live music