Design Museum 2024

It is always lovely to visit the Design Museum in London. Leah organised a class visit to help guide the students in prep for their exhibition designs this summer. Whilst the exhibits themselves were interesting the focus today was to think about how to exhibit work. (Although we did manage to also squeeze in a visit to the Skateboard exhibition)

The Skateboard exhibit was ace charting development from the 1950’s to the modern day. The blurb on the website says:

The exhibition showcases innovative skateboards and components and track how skateboarders have taken over sidewalks, swimming pools and skate parks designing new boards to suit their performance, style and surroundings.

I liked the use of the double yellow lines to lead the visitor around the exhibits - a nod to how skaters use double yellow lines for smooth skating.

Ride the yellow lines Double yellow lines

A particular favourite of mine was the exhibit showing how decks are made. Am really keen to try my hand at some laminating (and bending wood) so had been chatting to Simon about the potential to make a longboard over the summer. The display in the exhibition gave us ideas on what to try. Can’t wait!

Sculpted Sculpting the shape

Method of making - pressing laminates + linocut prints Building up a mirror image

V11 or P40 filler compound Filler

The display cabinets in the Skateboard section were really neat. Simple plywood cabinets were topped with two sections of acrylic connected with a 45’ chamfer and UV Adhesive Acrylic tape.

Details on the display cabinets Details on the display cabinets

Ride the yellow lines Ride the yellow lines

The use of videos all around the exhibits added to the sense of movement that is inherent in the process of skateboarding. It was also interesting to see the technology used for filming skateboarding included in many of the displays alongside the decks, wheels and trucks. The evolution of the culture of skateboarding was visible in the displays.

Video stories Video Stories

Gathering Discussing Displays

We also asked the students to reflect on what aspect of the displays made them stop and have conversations. Was lovely to see lots of the discussions taking place during the visit.

Gathering Gathering around Good Night Lamp

All in all and afternoon well spent. We hope the students walked away with some ideas they can borrow and develop for their own installations this summer. Below are some more random photos of things that caught my eye.

Skateboard Skateboard

<img src=”” width=”100%”alt=”Adverts as art”/> Adverts as Art

Adverts as art Adverts as Art

Words Quaint

Agents of change Agents of Change

Makers bill of rights Makers bill of rights

Roof Detail Roof Detail

Design Museum 2024 Design Museum visit March 2024

Untitled Designer