SDV presentations CE 2023

Term One, 2023/24 complete. This week we had two sets of final crits - individual projects from Make Design Build and group projects from Spatial Data Visualisation. These projects seem to get better each year - not sure what that says about our teaching or the quality of our students!

The end of term one is always a tiring time, a combination of the extra effort required to get a new cohort of students working together and the nights get longer as we head towards winter. To round off the term we ended with Panettone, Prosecco and mulled wine. A lovely way to bring the term to a close and amazing how so few can eat so much Panettone.

SDV presentations CE 2023 Panettone Aftermath

SDV presentations CE 2023 SDV class 2023

The Make Design Build projects were the first chance for students to create their own project from scratch. A really good range of projects were made within the five weeks of the module.

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Photos from the final group projects are on Flickr - some really well produced projects and some great presentations: