Lego Dunc

I received this wonderful gift this week from my wife. It is a Diorama of me created by one of her awesome students who had made something similar for my wife last year as a thankyou for being a great supervisor. Hers had an amazing scene of lab life. Mine was based on the prompts - “he likes computers, motorbikes and surfing. And he likes bats, wears glasses and is balding!”

This is one of my favourite gifts received. I love things that have been made by others. Her creativity in making these Dioramas is so well thought through and you can tell that she loves making these for fun. Given that folk are prepared to pay a small commission for these I am surprised that she hasn’t set up an Etsy shop for these yet.

I have been a fan of lego all my life and is the one “toy” that we tend to keep (ie i have a few cupboards of the kids Lego that I am not prepared to send to charity shop!). Some Lego projects made recently are on Flickr:

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