In Practice

Education is not just about absorbing knowledge; it’s also about applying it in innovative and meaningful ways. Recently, our MSc students completed a new challenge that pushed them beyond the traditional dissertation report. They were tasked with presenting their work as part of an exhibition in the Urban Room – a new space at UCL East for events, exhibitions, workshops and engagement with local stakeholders, professional audiences, and the wider public in east London. This choice of venue added a layer of significance to our students’ presentations, as they were challenged to make their academic work relevant and accessible to a broader audience.

The prospect of presenting their projects in a public space was quite daunting to many of our students who had to step out of their comfort zones. They had to consider not only the content of their work but also how to convey it in a compelling and accessible manner. This challenge encouraged them to think creatively and consider the perspectives and interests of a diverse audience. With support from staff in both Connected Environments and the Urban Room the buzz on the final installations was awesome to see.

The exhibition pushed our students to elevate their communication skills to a whole new level. They had to distill complex research into clear, engaging, and visually appealing presentations. Incorporating multimedia elements, interactive displays, and relatable storytelling, they transformed their work into something that resonated with both experts and the general public.

We invite everyone to visit the Urban Room exhibition, which is open until the end of October. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the great work of our MSc students and engage with the ideas and innovations that are shaping our world.

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