The MSc in Connected Environments at UCL CASA has been given the go ahead. As such we are looking to make two additional hires into the team – one focused on helping teach the “hardware” side of IoT, the other to teach the “virtual” side of VR/AR/MR.

Based at UCL East, the programme is being developed as part of the Future Living Institute and is heavily influenced by their making, living, originating, connecting academic themes.

The new degree focuses on the research challenges that relate to the infrastructure required to instrument our built and natural environments. It builds on the need for a set of skills in programming, data capture, visualization, and prototyping with stakeholders to support the analysis of complex systems. The course will enable students to enter the emerging market of the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Future Living and Data Science.

As with most complex systems, gaining insight into how the system works is essential to facilitating their effective operation. The advance of digital technologies provides the instruments for observing our environment but cannot be delivered in isolation of the socio-political implications.

Those at the forefront of creating our connected environments are increasingly looking for solutions combining expertise in multiple business areas such as physical infrastructure, digital technology, spatial design, commercial business services, entrepreneurship and social service provision. Bringing together those disciplines the course will train students to create a new breed of interconnected devices and to think critically about the design and building of these systems.

Our unique kinesthetic approach means that our research and teaching are delivered within a living lab environment. We believe in learning through doing, and have a focus on building and deploying physical prototypes.

If you are interested in working in an environment where you will be helping teach physical prototyping of IoT systems then get in touch d.j.wilson [at]

Hardware role: Lecturer in Connected Environments – Ref:1819841

Virtual role: Lecturer in Connected Environments – Ref:1819839