Internet of things expert group mtg

For the past couple of days I have been in Brussels at the first meeting of the Internet of Things Expert Group. Introduced by Gerald Santucci and hosted by Manuel Mateo from EC DG INFSO the meeting introduced the background to the group and actions needed going forward. The focus of the group is to deliver policy recommendations to EU in 2 years time. The group has been established as a result of a previous expert group on RFID (2007-2009). It has stakeholders from a diverse range of industries (see list at bottom) and a framework for discussion has been presented as a result of EC research on this theme over past 5 years. The main action points include:

– governance (how is identification structured, who assigns ID, who is accountable, what decentralised architecture, socio economic implications such as access and exclusion)

– privacy and protection of personal data (communications on trust and privacy, “right to silence the chips”, “privacy by design” ie one of the primary technology blocks from outset not added in as required functionality later)

– trust, acceptance and security [individual business] (following ENISA work on identification of risks)

– standardization (extend existing to cover IoT, develop / extend new given emerging IoT)

and the group will also:

– feed opinion into FP7 projects and CIP’s for innovation / pilot projects

– institutional awareness – inform other European institutions about IoT

– international dialogue – japan, china, korea, usa

– waste – pros and cons in recycling process

– focus on development – monitoring introduction of IoT tech (Eurostat starting to monitor)

On the latter point a comment was made on how to measure the output – there are many Smart Cities emerging but how do we assess or measure the resultant interventions. Given that comparitive assessment is hard (e.g. Santander vs Amsterdam, London vs Melbourne) what metrics should we use?

Organisations represented in the Expert Group:

ETSI European Telecom Stds Inst

CEN European committee for standardisation

EPOSS European Tech Platform on Smart Systems Integration


UEAPME European assoc of Craft and SME’s

EDPS European data protection supervisor

ERTICO Intelligent Trans Sys and Services for Europe


ENISA European Network and Info Security Agency

SICS Swedish Inst of Comp Sci


COCIR European Coord Committee of Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry

ETUC European trade union confederation


Article 29 Working Party on Data Protection

ANEC European Consumer Voice in Standardisation

Fraunhofer IML


BSI Federal Office for Information Security

ESIA European Semiconductor Industry Assoc

Sensor Universe

European Digital Rights

CONET Cooperating objects network of Europe

ONCE Organizacion Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles

BEUC European Consumers Organisation

ERRT European Retail Round Table

Business Europe

CNRFID Centre National RFID

Internet of Things Council

Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries

ETNO European Telecom Network Operators Assoc

IERC IoT European Research Cluster

Universitat Zurich (UZH)

IPSO Alliance

ECTP European Construction Technology Platform

Information of interest which I can share as I travel through this project will be tagged on delicious.