Pervasive 2010 Helsinki

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Comments (1)

    • 19 May 2010 at 5:28 pm
      Thanks for sharing some notes from the workshop and keynote. I'm not at the conference, but have been intermittently following along remotely on Twitter. Another similarly intermittent remote follower, Gene Becker (@genebecker), tweeted a link to a presentation that Matt Jones recently shared on Scribd that is related to some of the issues highlighted in your notes: Among the interesting and relevant devices he reviews in his slides are Wattson and Wattcher: One of the topics I don't see referenced in your notes is game mechanics, and I'm highly doubtful about the prospects of success for any energy awareness and conservation system, however well intentioned (or designed), that does not incorporate elements of game mechanics into the design. Unfortunately, I just don't believe there very many people who are sufficiently intrinsically motivated to attend to energy use without some additional element(s) of fun and/or competition - or clear financial gain - being introduced. Perhaps that will be a topic of some future workshop.

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