ETech 2009 – summary

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    • 24 March 2009 at 12:56 am
      Attending Conferences Redux - notes for my main themes of Etech: In general: Not as techie as I thought it would be, heavy focus on DoC and the need to save the world. Felt like a large design contingent. Quiet. This was my first but venue seemed much bigger than the numbers there... Favourite things i heard: "business as a road trip - need to keep an eye on gas tank - but trip is not a tour of petrol stations" Tim O'Reilly "Thank you for making me relevant to my son" Velodyne guy after demonstrating the Lidar system Ben Cervany on "operating systems for the built environment" gave me a new language to explain Sensei Favourite things i saw: Siftables - when can i buy these for my kids Aaron Koblin - the Lidar / Radiohead work was amazing - tech plus open data, geek heaven Senseable City - temporal signature of space geotagged photos from flickr showing locations where americans visit vs where italians visit in italy What i will be doing differently: Contacting the guys at AMEE to stream BMS data Asking people i met to contribute to the Convergence research Proposing "games" we could create to develop the next phase of drivers of change.

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