Last month we were asked to pull together a short thought piece for an internal Global Buildings event at Arup on the “Future of Design”. The pre-recorded piece was being used alongside feedback from clients on their view of the value of design. Both pieces provided the introduction for break out groups to think about 4 plausible scenarios for Arup in the years ahead.

The ideas in this video have been distilled from a number of issues raised in the Convergence Drivers of Change cards which I am currently working on. Any comments, reactions or suggestions would therefore be gratefully received. The five catalysts for thought were:

Design thinking – should we take a strategic role as designers

Collaboration – do we have design communities

Skills – do we nurture the top bar of T shaped people

Tools – should we share our toolmaking with the world

Complexity – which performance data streams do you use

Today’s Future Designer from Duncan Wilson on Vimeo.

“The role of the designer in the business world is changing. With increased activity at a strategic level and the innate skills that support community and collaboration, the designer has the skill set to play a pivotal role in today’s business. In addition, they have the desire to work with new tools and are experienced in making the complex simple. In a world where technological innovation has increased the complexity of both the products and services we consume, achieving elegance has become the hallmark of good design.”