• Co-author of the 2006 and 2007 Fact Books here. Although PFF does have an agenda, little of that agenda affects how the Fact Book is written. The main goal is to summarize all the free information about the digital economy that's out there and condense it into one file.
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  • Using mobile technology to deliver mobile microcredit services overcomes previously limiting restrictions of space and time by using existing infrastructure to give even the most impoverished to access financial services.
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  • “This six-part, three-hour, BBC TV series aired in 1997. I presented and co-wrote the series; it was directed by James Muncie, with music by Brian Eno. The series was based on my 1994 book, HOW BUILDINGS LEARN: What Happens After They’re Built.
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  • This is a write-up of my diploma project in interaction design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project is entitled ‘Adventures in Urban Computing’ and this weblog post contains a brief project description and a pdf of the diploma report.
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  • I hope you'll consider joining me on Blog Action Day on October 15 this year. It's a day for bloggers around the world to all discuss one topic to raise awareness where attention is needed. Last year, 20,000 bloggers took part to discuss the environment. This year's topic is poverty, and of course, we should all know by now that data visualization can play a huge role in showing that.
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  • This IDTechEx report comprehensively analyzes the technologies, players and markets with detailed ten year forecasts, including tag numbers, unit prices and interrogator numbers and prices.
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  • Welcome to IMA Dashboard, an ongoing effort to measure various aspects of the Museum's performance. To navigate the Dashboard in particular areas, the tabs at the top of the screen drop down to allow for more detail. The goal of the Dashboard is to seek to quantify and report out on areas of activity of general interest to museum observers and to particular interest to museum studies specialists, colleagues, and patrons
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  • Blog by Jemima at iKnowHow – "Right now, I’m writing a book for Triarchy Press on the impact of web 2.0 technologies on business leadership." When people ask what it’s actually about, I find myself coming up with a slightly different answer every time: http://www.interactiveknowhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/in-search-of-leadership-2-0.pdf
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  • The WWF have just published a report on the UK's water footprint. "This report tells the important but largely unknown story of the water we use and where it comes from. More importantly, it highlights the impact of the UK’s consumption patterns on water resources across the world. WWF’s intention in publishing this report is to start a debate about how UK-based organisations can help to ensure that critical, and often scarce, water resources are managed wisely."
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  • nokia community site brings together phones, gps, mapping and health / fitness – with gprs even allows love tracking of where you are on the route – is that so that your partner can make sure you have not collapsed or so that a sales reps movements can be tracked…
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  • Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker that runs on S60 smartphones. Information such as speed, distance and time are automatically stored to your training diary. To be able to use application for real, you need Nokia S60 3.0 or 3.1 phone with Bluetooth GPS device or Nokia S60 3.0 or 3.1 phone with integrated GPS.
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  • current TV's guide to how to make videos
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  • A place for schools to upload and share videos
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  • A site collecting how to videos…
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  • Film: 21st Century Literacy aims to bring greater coherence and consistency to the provision of film education in the UK so children and young people have equal opportunities to watch, understand and make films.
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  • website for teaching about film media and film making
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