The end of 2007 saw the final conference for the DTI Bop project. There has been a number of PR items around it including airtime on BBC Radio 5 (on the morning of the conference) and BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. It also appeared in Design Week. The move into 2008 means the two DTI / TSB projects we have been working on applying wireless sensor networks within an office environment are coming to a close but two new projects are starting up.

The first is an EU FP7 project called SENSEI (evolved from EU FP6 project called e-Sense) looking at networks of wireless sensor networks. We are providing input to the scenarios and business requirements.

The second called ITOBO is with UCC and is funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Other partners include HSG, CYLON, Vector FM, and Intel. ITOBO will undertake research in Information and Communication Technology that will enable us to develop a holistic, methodological framework for life-cycle oriented information management and decision support in the construction and energy-management sectors. The domain-specific goal is to develop an anticipating (smart) building that operates on an energy efficient and user-friendly basis while reducing its maintenance costs. (More info for Arup staff is on the research wiki)