• …According to Duncan Wilson, who describes himself as a ‘futurist’ at engineering group and Bop partner Arup, there are commercial benefits to be gained from applying pervasive computing technologies to the design of working environments….
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  • While there may be a new generation that thinks that email is for old fogies, for many of us, email is a primary online tool, at least as important to us as the web. Many of us no longer file documents or attachments — we just search for them again in ou
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  • Have just started to use Xobni Insight and after a week of use the verdict is great – finally a tool that helps me to understand the how I use the application I consistently spend most of my time in. …[It] is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that offers
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  • just arrived via Amazon – looking forward to getting some weekend time to play with this book…
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