Went to the IET at Savoy Place last night to listen to Roo Reynold’s Mountbatten Lecture (30th in the series and still in his 20’s, just, Roo is the youngest Mountbatten speaker by a good 20 years…)

Roo works for IBM as a Metaverse evangelist. He has had significant involvement in setting up IBM’s second life activities. His talk focused on how virtual worlds are being used for work, play and learning and on the collaborative / social nature of those spaces as being the driver for their persistent use.

Best slide? I liked the question “will mmorpg’s be the new golf?” I think the original quote comes from one of the Linden Lab guys – but the analogy was people don’t play golf to get better at putting a ball in a hole it is a social activity, so is world of warcraft etc.

Also worth mentioning is a link to IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook site.