Spent morning at Activity Space Research, The Chadwick Project workshop – Pembroke College, Cambridge – led by William Fawcett (intro came via Jane Tateson at BT)

Taking a modelling approach (as apposed to case study approach) to investigating the relationship between activity and space. Base assumption is that an individual has an agenda regarding activities, places, times and preferences.

Simulations to date have used generic input data to model things like space utilisation. Project is now looking at how to capture real data to be used as input.

Using questionairres to allow individuals to make explicit their preferences. However it is also necessary to reveal peoples preferences through observation. The model will only be as good as the data that goes into it. Huge potential to gather real time series input on activity space usage and revealed preferences. The trends over time may show relationships between events and emotional context of situation.

Interesting fact: hospital beds are typically 83% utilised even though there is a continuous queue to to use them.