Notes from FP6 UK Information Society Technologies meeting at DTI conference centre 06.10.06 to launch the the ICT component of FP7 to UK audience.

The 7 themes for ICT in FP7

Introduced main features and proposed priorities for 2007-08. First ICT call in Jan/Feb 2007. Seven *challenges* are proposed each with several *target* areas for research:

1. network and service infrastructure (250 mil euro) (Sarah: items such as built in security and trust, full support of distributed value chains – SOA, computing as utility)

2. cognitive systems, robotics and interaction (450 mil euro) (Alvise, Tristan, Darren: looking at things like robots adapting to context, machines and systems that understand their users and/or their environments**, systems that understand multimedia and multi modal digital information)

3. components, systems, engineering (200 mil euro) (at electronic level – not for Arup)

4. digital libraries and content (400 mil euro) (Rebecca G, Tom, Tony, Kevin: mass-individualisation of learning experiences with ICT, efficient editing and knowledge management systems)

5. sustainable and personalised healthcare (175 mil euro) (Gavin, Phil: they mentioned computational modelling and simulation of organs as a specific objective, also met chap from Primal Pictures – or

6. mobility, environment, energy (180 mil euro) (David, Amanda: items included optimised traffic management, integrated management systems to monitor and react to environmental risks*)

7. ICT for independent living and inclusion (75 mil euro) (Rebecca M: ICT solutions that will substantially reduce the 30% of the population currently not using ICT, user friendly systems beyond the PC and current technologies**)

(For info i am interested in challenge 1: target = reconfigurability, adaptability, interoperability, service composition and challenge and those targets above marked with **)

Funding schemes

3 types of project:

A. Collaboration projects (STREPS – or IP)

B. Networks of excellence

C. Coordination and support actions

2100 mil total split as follows

1150 mil euro Jan 07 call – 1 stage submission (just long prop)

650 mil euro May 07 call – 2 stage submission (short then full)

200 mil euro Nov 07 call – 2 stage submission (short then full)

FET futures and emerging technologies open 65 mil euro over 2 years proactive 125 mil euro

fixed over head rate they use (where people cannot demonstrate their own ie SME’s) is 60% (dropping to 40% for projects starting in 2009)

Rules for participation: minimum 3 different member states must be involved, big co’s (Arup) get 50% funding for R&D and demonstrator type activity (Uni, public, SME’s get 75%) and 100% funding for management activities.

Full details available in early 2007

Industry evaluators needed (call in november from site below) paid 450 (euro?) per day plus expenses.

more detail at if you register you will get notified of announcements, calls etc. and DW has ppt handouts from day for those who want to see them (just add a comment at bottom).

Application tips:

Evaluators have to read many of these – keep it simple, to the point, understandable on page one and then show why you are the dream team

Reference the ETP reports – especially the SRA’s, strategic research agendas – since the technology programmes have been setup to influence the agenda of the FP7 programme (Arup are leading ECTP PICT – european construction technology platform, processing and ICT – this MUST be referenced for built environment projects) –

Don’t wait for call to start to pull together dream team since once call is made time is short…

Get advice from the UK National Contact Point (Peter Walters) – go talk to them and see what they think of your application.