20 node 24 hours

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Comments (1)

    • 14 June 2006 at 9:31 am
      Got this response from Crossbow re the temperature reading problem.... The noise spike in the data is a result of a hardware pin assignment conflict in MICAz (that we discovered recently). The MICAz uses INT2 pin to control the radio. The MTS310 uses the same pin as a power control for the Temperature sensor. As a result, you see spikes whenever the radio tries to receive/send data. The work-around involves 2 fixes: 1. Update the hardware - send your MTS310s back to us and we can install a jumper wire to change this INT2 pin assignment. Alternatively, if you prefer to do it on your own, I can provide you instructions. 2. Progarm the MICAz Motes with new XMTS310CB app that removes the INT2 dependance. This has been made available through MoTeWorks 2.0.B release and I will be more than happy to ship you CD. I am going for option 2 for the time being...

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