took delivery of 20 motes, a mix of 20 sensor boards, internet gateway and the new moteview software. Started by following the user guide and the tutorials and got simple temp readings out. When i started to try doing my own thing I started to struggle – here are a few reminders for me:

you cannot use the internet gateway with xlisten or xserve from the command line (at least i couldn’t figure out or find the syntax to use….) so dig out the serial gateway….

most laptops no longer have serial ports so i am using a USB Serial converter – this means the port(in Cygwin terms) is not Com4 (as displayed in port settings) but /dev/ttyS3 not quite sure why or what the logic is i just found reference to this address somewhere and tried it….

the IP of my device on the intranet is

next step is to look at programming all sensors so that i get a stream of all sensor data not just temp.