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Millennium Bridge Thermal Interactive
‘A Day in the Life of the Millennium Bridge’ by Joseph Giacomin was a collaboration between myself, Joseph and Kaveh Shirdel as part of the new exhibition in Arup Phase 2 called Bridge Stories. They say: “The works in this exhibition celebrate the last half century of bridge projects and the engineering that has made […] Read more – ‘Millennium Bridge Thermal Interactive’.
Hackday fun
I spent the weekend at the Yahoo Hackday last week. As Crave puts it “The idea behind it was simple: you’ve got exactly 24 hours to hack together the most interesting, innovative, useful or fun piece of software or hardware, using developer tools from Yahoo, or anyone else for that matter. ” David Filo opened […] Read more – ‘Hackday fun’.
Interactive Lighting Workshop
A second interactive lighting workshop is being held at Arup, organised by Tinker with presentations from Arup, UVA and Philips Lighting. The workshop will cover an intro to DMX control using Arduino, examples and stories from light installations by Arup, UVA and Tinker, insight into emerging technologies and products from Philips and access to DMX […] Read more – ‘Interactive Lighting Workshop’.
Forcefield Interactive
On Christmas Eve Forcefield Interactive went live with the addition of two sensor inputs to allow visitors to the exhibition to play with the light installation. A kiosk inside the space as well as facing the outside of the window on Fitzroy Street allowed visitors to put their Oyster card on a reader and have […] Read more – ‘Forcefield Interactive’.
H3 Interactive Lighting workshop
We have been working with Tinker.it here in London in organising a few workshops around Arduino. The first is on Interactive Lighting and will involve a mix of presentations on current state of the art and building some simple protoypes. Guest talks include our own Francesco Anselmo, Massimo Banzi from Tinker.it and Daniel Hirschmann from […] Read more – ‘H3 Interactive Lighting workshop’.
H3 RFID workshop at Arup
I’m wishing that I could attend all of this workshop but the best i can do is a bit at the start and the end…. H3: RFID is the second of a series of hardware hacking workshops in London organised by tinker.it. Massimo Banzi (Arduino founder www.arduino.cc) facilitates the event with Matt Biddulph (www.dopplr.com) The […] Read more – ‘H3 RFID workshop at Arup’.
Arduino BT PIR sensor
Finally got the Arduino BT PIR working and installed in Central Saint Martins and pushing data to the data server. Some photos are on Flickr and more will follow. The Arduino code used is here and a processing app to view the data being sent over the BT serial here. I ended up using a […] Read more – ‘Arduino BT PIR sensor’.
traer.physics – processing
Would be nice to use this processing library to represent temperature in an environment – *how fast the fire is burning*. Read more – ‘traer.physics – processing’.
accelerometer memsic 2125
Have had a frustrating day with this accelerometer – cannot figure out the code calculating the actual acceleration in Arduino – see forum posting. Read more – ‘accelerometer memsic 2125’.
Fluidforms – punch bag design
A great example of how people are using Arduino as an input conduit to design product…. uses a home made pressure sensor (conductive wire grids separated by foam) around a punch bag as the input device, the ouptut is a 3D model of the object to be made. Great video, love the soundtrack. Read more – ‘Fluidforms – punch bag design’.
Arduino workshop at Artificialtourism
Just back from 2 days with Artificialtourism getting some hands on experience with Arduino. After a morning of intros to Arduino, basic does and don’ts and looking at sensors available we got onto building some prototypes. First up was using a tri colour LED (see Farnell) with a simple cross fade app (from examples in […] Read more – ‘Arduino workshop at Artificialtourism’.
learning arduino
Arduino – LearnArduino – tutorial on setting up arduino board and ide. Am getting ready for arduino tutorial with Artificialtourism next week. Received boards today from Italy – excellent turn around, just ordered them last week and they were with me this morning – nothing like tearing open a ups package to find a nice […] Read more – ‘learning arduino’.
Processing coursework
Daniel Shiffman � The Nature of Code – coursework on intro to processing – nice examples. Read more – ‘Processing coursework’.
Arduino and zigbee
Arduino Xbee, Zigbee wireless sensor and actuator iterface forwarded by Gonzalo and a potential avenue to explore for bop prototypes. BUT, would need to think about all the apps needed to get the real benefit of the *wirelessness*. The radio removes the need to wire together two communicating arduinos but thats it. To get a […] Read more – ‘Arduino and zigbee’.