Arup Explores Prototyping
Arup Explores Prototyping was held in London on March 8th. Forty-five delegates, half from outside the firm, including practitioners and business leaders were provoked by 15 short presentations in three sessions; access to tools, successful prototyping business models and scale. The event was part of a series of events that aim to explore trends and […] Read more – ‘Arup Explores Prototyping’.
TED Global 2011
Last week I was at TED Global in Edinburgh. The event felt different to previous years in Oxford, it was bigger, seemed to have a broader mix of nationalities and a larger contingent of TEDx’rs. TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global not-for-profit organisation which aims to bring together inspiring, energetic, extremely […] Read more – ‘TED Global 2011’.
TED Global the substance of things not seen
Just back from my first TED. Have watched the videos over the past couple of years and have heard first hand accounts from past participants, so was looking forward to living it in real time. We organised a workshop in parallel to the TED U(niversity) sessions. The new Drivers of Change cards were one of […] Read more – ‘TED Global the substance of things not seen’.
Had a really interesting evening at the at abrahams event hosted by Arup on the theme of “collaborleaders”. at abrahams is curated by abrahams and Claire Curtice Publicists with this event chaired by Sophie Howarth from the School of Life. The evening highlights were Philip Sheppard playing an impromptu cello solo and then later joining […] Read more – ‘collaborleaders’.
Hackday fun
I spent the weekend at the Yahoo Hackday last week. As Crave puts it “The idea behind it was simple: you’ve got exactly 24 hours to hack together the most interesting, innovative, useful or fun piece of software or hardware, using developer tools from Yahoo, or anyone else for that matter. ” David Filo opened […] Read more – ‘Hackday fun’.
Corporate innovation network
Thanks to David at Oracle and Roland and David at Nesta for taking the time to get together a bunch of corporate bods who are tasked in some form with trying to nurture innovation in their respective organisations. The group is still reasonable embryonic with a few different agendas becoming clear. I am keen to […] Read more – ‘Corporate innovation network’.
IRC: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun
Have just finished pulling together and writing up the second in a series of internal Arup workshops on innovation. The series are sponsored by our Europe Region Design and Technical Executive and are aimed at stimulating thought around innovation amongst some of our senior leaders. It was fun to research the *overview of innovation* presentation […] Read more – ‘IRC: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun’.
IRC: wisdom of the crowd
I had fun reading the Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki. It had been on the list to read for a while since the ideas in it (at least from what I had heard) reflected the strategy we had used in creating the Drivers of Change programme at Arup. If you go and speak to […] Read more – ‘IRC: wisdom of the crowd’.
Innovation stimulator
Inspired by what i saw at product design firms like IDEO and manufacturers like 3M we tried to set-up a materials showcase in R&D at Arup. The basic idea was to collate samples of interesting materials, technology or even products and have them on display around our offices / project areas. It never quite established […] Read more – ‘Innovation stimulator’.
IRC: The social shaping of technology
The third innovation reading circle reviewed The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900 by Professor David Edgerton (Profile Books, 2007) Held at the offices of LBi near Angel. The session was chaired by Nico with an introduction to his book from David. The main thesis of the book is that we […] Read more – ‘IRC: The social shaping of technology’.
IRC: user-led innovation
The second innovation reading circle event theme was User-led innovation. The titles discussed were: * Democratising Innovation Eric Von Hippel (The MIT Press, 2005) * We-think: The power of mass creativity Charles Leadbeater (Profile, TBP 2007) * The Ten Faces of Innovation Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman (Currency, 2006) Read more – ‘IRC: user-led innovation’.
Innovation Reading Circle
Nico Macdonald did an excellent job of hosting the first Innovation Reading Circle today. The theme was sustainability, design and society, and the main title to be discussed was *In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World* John Thackara and Bruce Sterlings *The Shape of Things To Come* The objective of the Innovation Reading Circle […] Read more – ‘Innovation Reading Circle’.