TED Global 2012 – Radical Openness
TED Global 2012 was another fantastic feast of ideas from teaching to collaborative consumption and genetech to makers. The notes below are my highlights from the five days. Daphne Koller gave a really interesting insight into her new venture coursera.org – a platform for educators to share lectures based on her experiences in the Stanford […] Read more – ‘TED Global 2012 – Radical Openness’.
TED Global the substance of things not seen
Just back from my first TED. Have watched the videos over the past couple of years and have heard first hand accounts from past participants, so was looking forward to living it in real time. We organised a workshop in parallel to the TED U(niversity) sessions. The new Drivers of Change cards were one of […] Read more – ‘TED Global the substance of things not seen’.
Hackday fun
I spent the weekend at the Yahoo Hackday last week. As Crave puts it “The idea behind it was simple: you’ve got exactly 24 hours to hack together the most interesting, innovative, useful or fun piece of software or hardware, using developer tools from Yahoo, or anyone else for that matter. ” David Filo opened […] Read more – ‘Hackday fun’.
ETech 2009 – summary
Excellent few days at ETech, book full of notes and lots of links in delicious, but a few memory aids for myself…. On the first day and half, lots of talk about sustainability (many talks had Drivers of Change issues being rolled out and cited), less on the “this is what we have done”, but […] Read more – ‘ETech 2009 – summary’.
ETech 2009
Am at ETech 2009 this week. The event has just started with Tim O’Reilly talking about his grand challenges, a focus on scenarios and a really nice couple of slides on the characteristics of rewarding innovation. Paraphrasing… “think of business as a road trip, you need to keep an eye on gas tank to make […] Read more – ‘ETech 2009’.
Today’s Future Designer
Last month we were asked to pull together a short thought piece for an internal Global Buildings event at Arup on the “Future of Design”. The pre-recorded piece was being used alongside feedback from clients on their view of the value of design. Both pieces provided the introduction for break out groups to think about […] Read more – ‘Today’s Future Designer’.
Walking the digital dog – IET
Went to the IET at Savoy Place last night to listen to Roo Reynold’s Mountbatten Lecture (30th in the series and still in his 20’s, just, Roo is the youngest Mountbatten speaker by a good 20 years…) Roo works for IBM as a Metaverse evangelist. He has had significant involvement in setting up IBM’s second […] Read more – ‘Walking the digital dog – IET’.
DoC Convergence
Work has finally started on my first set of Drivers of Change cards. The theme is convergence and has been identified by many delegates in the foresight workshops as a key Driver of Change. The first step is to start talking to people to try and unpack what this driver might mean. Below is my […] Read more – ‘DoC Convergence’.