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Connected Environments
This week I started ‘Chapter 6’ of my working life with a move to UCL as Professor of Connected Environments to explore the question: how can digital technologies and connected environments help augment our understanding of the built and natural world? This is an evolution of the work I was doing at the Intel Sustainable […] Read more – ‘Connected Environments’.
Intel Collaborative Research Institute
The goal of the ICRI Urban IoT was to deliver outstanding research recognized by industry and academia. We brought together researchers from industry and academia in an Open IP environment to research, collaborate and build systems for deployment in the field. We applied creative approaches to the use of technology in an urban context and […] Read more – ‘Intel Collaborative Research Institute’.
TED Global 2012 – Radical Openness
TED Global 2012 was another fantastic feast of ideas from teaching to collaborative consumption and genetech to makers. The notes below are my highlights from the five days. Daphne Koller gave a really interesting insight into her new venture coursera.org – a platform for educators to share lectures based on her experiences in the Stanford […] Read more – ‘TED Global 2012 – Radical Openness’.
IoT Week 2012
Scuola Grande San Giovanni, Venice. The designers have arrived at EU IoT Week. It was interesting to see that the formal launch of IoT Week started with a couple of presentations from Adam Greenfield and Usman Haque. Both speakers managed to convey the opposite story to that typically told in this forum. Adam focused on […] Read more – ‘IoT Week 2012’.
Small is the new big
Last week I joined a fantastic group of scientists, designers, architects and engineers at an Autodesk IDEAS event on the theme of “Small is the New Big: Designing Our Future at the Nanoscale, Humanscale, and Beyond“. Why should I be interested in the Nanoscale and Synthetic Biology? Their welcoming note summarizes it nicely: “Imagine it […] Read more – ‘Small is the new big’.
Arup Explores Prototyping
Arup Explores Prototyping was held in London on March 8th. Forty-five delegates, half from outside the firm, including practitioners and business leaders were provoked by 15 short presentations in three sessions; access to tools, successful prototyping business models and scale. The event was part of a series of events that aim to explore trends and […] Read more – ‘Arup Explores Prototyping’.
TED Global 2011
Last week I was at TED Global in Edinburgh. The event felt different to previous years in Oxford, it was bigger, seemed to have a broader mix of nationalities and a larger contingent of TEDx’rs. TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global not-for-profit organisation which aims to bring together inspiring, energetic, extremely […] Read more – ‘TED Global 2011’.
IoT expert mtg 5
Xiaohui Yu from China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) gave a fascinating overview of IoT activity in China. The scale of their investment is well reported so it was useful to hear about the support coming via government, enterprise and research, and where those programmes are being implemented. […] Read more – ‘IoT expert mtg 5’.
3rd IoT European Conference
I recently attended the 3rd Annual Internet of Things Europe 2011: Bridging the divide between policy and reality at the Management Centre Europe, Brussels I was invited by Rob van Kranenburg from Council and attending as a representative of the IoT Expert Group and was invited to contribute to the panel on standardisation. The event […] Read more – ‘3rd IoT European Conference’.
system layers and science in schools
I had the pleasure last week of two activities taking me out the office. The first was a trip to East Barnet School to see the installation of a series of science interactives developed under Project Faraday. We were part of the team that created the blueprints for the designs so it was great to […] Read more – ‘system layers and science in schools’.
IoT Expert Group governance, privacy, m2m
The fourth meeting in Brussels of the EC expert group on the internet of things providing another interesting day of debate around the policy needed to support a humane yet commercial internet of things. On the agenda for the meeting were: continuing the review of a martyr paper on “governance”, a discussion on privacy and […] Read more – ‘IoT Expert Group governance, privacy, m2m’.
smart pop up retail
Over the past couple of years we have done several workshops on the theme of retail of the future with collaborators such as the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and the Narrative Environment students at CSM. One of the consistent “future tech” ideas that popped out of those charettes would include some magic that allowed friendly robots […] Read more – ‘smart pop up retail’.
Aedas Network Campus Berlin
I was invited by Dietmar Leyk to participate in a workshop as part of the ANCB Metropolitan Technologies Programme in Berlin. The attendees were a mix of students from all over the world and experts from the fields of architecture, design, engineering and behaviourial science. Sponsored by Busch Jaeger the workshop aimed to “create an […] Read more – ‘Aedas Network Campus Berlin’.
Urban Internet of Things Tokyo
The Urban Internet of Things workshop kicked off in the IBM Japan Hakozaki Headquarters “Solution Centre” with several presentations and demos including Arup’s Engin and Shane and Mayra presenting a well received “TenderVoice / TenderNoise: A two-faceted web-based community journalism and acoustic ecology project“. The discussion part of the event took place in the afternoon […] Read more – ‘Urban Internet of Things Tokyo’.
Internet of Things, police rather than prevent activity?
An interesting “expert meeting” on the Internet of Things last week. We were joined by DG JUST who had prepared a draft paper for comment titled “A comprehensive approach on personal data protection in the European Union”. It is an update to the 1995 Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament) and is […] Read more – ‘Internet of Things, police rather than prevent activity?’.
INTA 34 World Urban Development Congress
I presented our work on the Internet of Things at INTA34 yesterday. The theme was “Reinventing the Urban Environment” and discussion ranged from the philosophical to the practical and was interspersed with examples of work in progress (e.g. the nearby Port of Pasaia). I had great feedback on the Drivers of Change cards (again several […] Read more – ‘INTA 34 World Urban Development Congress’.
Millennium Bridge Thermal Interactive
‘A Day in the Life of the Millennium Bridge’ by Joseph Giacomin was a collaboration between myself, Joseph and Kaveh Shirdel as part of the new exhibition in Arup Phase 2 called Bridge Stories. They say: “The works in this exhibition celebrate the last half century of bridge projects and the engineering that has made […] Read more – ‘Millennium Bridge Thermal Interactive’.
IoT Expert Group
For the past couple of days I have been in Brussels at the first meeting of the Internet of Things Expert Group. Introduced by Gerald Santucci and hosted by Manuel Mateo from EC DG INFSO the meeting introduced the background to the group and actions needed going forward. The focus of the group is to […] Read more – ‘IoT Expert Group’.
Today i was at the kick off meeting for an interesting EU funded project called SmartSantander. It builds on the work of a couple of previous European projects in the “future internet” domain including Sensei which completes at the end of this year. The project overview is: “SmartSantander proposes a unique city-scale experimental research facility […] Read more – ‘SmartSantander’.
TED Global 2010
After last years experience at TED I really wish this post was coming from me, but instead it is coming from our TED Global competition winner Salomé Galjaard. While most people buy tickets for TED more than a year in advance, I only learned that I was going two weeks before the start of the […] Read more – ‘TED Global 2010’.
Web of Light
Last week I attended a small gathering at Philips Design to workshop ideas for a public lighting scheme in Eindhoven. The most important aspect of the Web of Light workshop for me was the focus on the motivation for installing any of the multitude of technology wizardry available. The question “Why?” took us beyond the […] Read more – ‘Web of Light’.
Ove Arup Key Speech
It is 40 years today since Ove Arup presented the “Key Speech” in Winchester. I can remember reading it in late 1999 before I joined the firm and cynically thinking what a great leaders pitch. But within a year, and maybe through working on projects like the wobbly bridge, I observed that most of what […] Read more – ‘Ove Arup Key Speech’.
Pervasive 2010 Helsinki
Gonzalo had a demo of his UCL / Arup CASE research at Pervasive this year and I was presenting at a workshop on “Energy Awareness and Conservation through Pervasive computing”. We had great feedback on the ambient displays with several requests for others to use the devices as communication media on their own projects. Next […] Read more – ‘Pervasive 2010 Helsinki’.
Jordan – National Campaign for Public Awareness on the Drivers of Change
Half the team have spent this week in Jordan to launch the “National Campaign for Public Awareness on the Drivers of Change”. The patron of the campaign is His Majesty King Abdullah II and our client is HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, President of EHSC. Royal Scientific Society’s Science Week was themed around “change” […] Read more – ‘Jordan – National Campaign for Public Awareness on the Drivers of Change’.
User Centred Design for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
I spent last week at a TSB Sandpit on User Centred Design for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. 5 days with 30 people from academia and industry thinking about how UCD could be used to support energy efficiency in buildings. We were successful in winning a few projects “Social BMS” and “YouCaretaker”. The former will be […] Read more – ‘User Centred Design for Energy Efficiency in Buildings’.
ITOBO wireless sensor network design tool
Alan Gibney was over at Arup a couple of weeks ago testing a Wireless Sensor Network design tool in number 8 Fitzroy Street that he developed during his PhD on a tool for wifi access point positioning. Using a 3D info of the building the tool allows us to figure out the best location for […] Read more – ‘ITOBO wireless sensor network design tool’.
The Well Connected City
I spent the day at Imperial College Business School as part of a Design London and Living Labs Global event to bring together the tech and public sectors to talk about connected cities and to launch the Living Labs Global report Connected Cities Handbook – “a book about opportunity and frustration” (Sasha Haselmayer) The day […] Read more – ‘The Well Connected City’.
We recently finished the last leg of a great project we had been working on for the World Economic Forum. Our task was to create an online presence for the SlimCity knowledge cards we had produced in 2009. The aim was to make the cards accessible to a broader audience than those at the SlimCity […] Read more – ‘SlimCity’.
Open innovation for future Internet-enabled services in smart cities
DG INFSO (Information Society and Media Directorate-General of the European Commission) is exploring the idea of pilot projects on “Open innovation for future Internet-enabled services in “smart cities”. Their recent communication “A Strategy for ICT R&D and Innovation in Europe: Raising the Game” recommended that “the CIP will support SMEs piloting highly innovative technologies, and […] Read more – ‘Open innovation for future Internet-enabled services in smart cities’.
Thinking like a futurist at Amplified Leicester
Spent an interesting day at Curve, Leicester speaking to the Amplified Leicester (@AmplifiedLeic #ampleic) crowd via an invite from Sue Thomas @suethomas. The aim of their project is to: Amplified Leicester is a city-wide experiment designed to grow the innovation capacity of Leicester by networking key connectors across the city’s disparate and diverse communities in […] Read more – ‘Thinking like a futurist at Amplified Leicester’.
SENSEI breathes
Interesting SENSEI quarterly meeting at Telenor in Oslo. The WP5 guys spent most of the week hacking in the reception of the Radisson where wifi was good and ports were open to get the demo working for the plenary on Thursday. The pan European testbed is starting to take shape with islands of sensor networks […] Read more – ‘SENSEI breathes’.
dConstruct 2009 Designing for Tomorrow
Just back from a beautifully sunny Brighton attending dConstruct 2009. The blurb says: “dConstruct 09 brings together leading thinkers from the fields of ubiquitous computing, interface design, gaming and mobile to explore the challenges of designing for tomorrow.” Great low cost conference, sold out, great speakers, in a great venue. Below is a summary of […] Read more – ‘dConstruct 2009 Designing for Tomorrow’.
TED Global the substance of things not seen
Just back from my first TED. Have watched the videos over the past couple of years and have heard first hand accounts from past participants, so was looking forward to living it in real time. We organised a workshop in parallel to the TED U(niversity) sessions. The new Drivers of Change cards were one of […] Read more – ‘TED Global the substance of things not seen’.
Liberia’s Blackboard Blogger
Came across this whilst doing some convergence research. Fantastic. “Alfred Sirleaf is an analog blogger. He take runs the “Daily News”, a news hut by the side of a major road in the middle of Monrovia. He started it a number of years ago, stating that he wanted to get news into the hands of […] Read more – ‘Liberia’s Blackboard Blogger’.
Had a really interesting evening at the at abrahams event hosted by Arup on the theme of “collaborleaders”. at abrahams is curated by abrahams and Claire Curtice Publicists with this event chaired by Sophie Howarth from the School of Life. The evening highlights were Philip Sheppard playing an impromptu cello solo and then later joining […] Read more – ‘collaborleaders’.
World Economic Forum Africa Drivers of Change
The World Economic Forum on Africa are using our Drivers of Change voting application to solicit public opinion prior to the event on the challenges African countries need to be the most prepared for in the coming year. The highest ranked Drivers of Change will be used in a session during the event. 1200 votes […] Read more – ‘World Economic Forum Africa Drivers of Change’.
cut n paste cities
A global call to action and an invitation to urban dwellers to describe through photography the places and things they love about their cities, and those that they could do without. Cutnpastecities launched this week out of the foresight team at Arup. The brief is to capture through photography what you really like in a […] Read more – ‘cut n paste cities’.
Hackday fun
I spent the weekend at the Yahoo Hackday last week. As Crave puts it “The idea behind it was simple: you’ve got exactly 24 hours to hack together the most interesting, innovative, useful or fun piece of software or hardware, using developer tools from Yahoo, or anyone else for that matter. ” David Filo opened […] Read more – ‘Hackday fun’.
Corporate innovation network
Thanks to David at Oracle and Roland and David at Nesta for taking the time to get together a bunch of corporate bods who are tasked in some form with trying to nurture innovation in their respective organisations. The group is still reasonable embryonic with a few different agendas becoming clear. I am keen to […] Read more – ‘Corporate innovation network’.
Arup Design School
Spent a really interesting morning at one of the Arup Design Schools – thanks to Richard and Richard for the invite! Notes from the event were tweeted but i only tagged the last one, photos are on flickr and the slides are on slideshare. Read more – ‘Arup Design School’.
ETech 2009 – summary
Excellent few days at ETech, book full of notes and lots of links in delicious, but a few memory aids for myself…. On the first day and half, lots of talk about sustainability (many talks had Drivers of Change issues being rolled out and cited), less on the “this is what we have done”, but […] Read more – ‘ETech 2009 – summary’.
ETech 2009
Am at ETech 2009 this week. The event has just started with Tim O’Reilly talking about his grand challenges, a focus on scenarios and a really nice couple of slides on the characteristics of rewarding innovation. Paraphrasing… “think of business as a road trip, you need to keep an eye on gas tank to make […] Read more – ‘ETech 2009’.
Today’s Future Designer
Last month we were asked to pull together a short thought piece for an internal Global Buildings event at Arup on the “Future of Design”. The pre-recorded piece was being used alongside feedback from clients on their view of the value of design. Both pieces provided the introduction for break out groups to think about […] Read more – ‘Today’s Future Designer’.
Dopplr personal annual report
Another great piece of work by Dopplr and this time it is even more personal. Just received my dopplr2008report.pdf. 50,000km traveled, away from home for 55 days and the velocity of a duck (5.73 km/h). I love the timeline that links through to the flickr images – just need to figure out how to add […] Read more – ‘Dopplr personal annual report’.
Interactive Lighting Workshop
A second interactive lighting workshop is being held at Arup, organised by Tinker with presentations from Arup, UVA and Philips Lighting. The workshop will cover an intro to DMX control using Arduino, examples and stories from light installations by Arup, UVA and Tinker, insight into emerging technologies and products from Philips and access to DMX […] Read more – ‘Interactive Lighting Workshop’.
Ubiquitous Computing at a Crossroads: Art, Science, Politics and Design
At Imperial College for a UK centric workshop on current state of the art in Ubiquitous Computing research in the UK. Most of the UK universities were represented with talks covering the Art and Design of Ubiquitous Computing, the Politics of Ubiquitous Computing (sustainability and environment issues) and the Science and Technology of Ubiquitous Computing. […] Read more – ‘Ubiquitous Computing at a Crossroads: Art, Science, Politics and Design’.
Forcefield Interactive
On Christmas Eve Forcefield Interactive went live with the addition of two sensor inputs to allow visitors to the exhibition to play with the light installation. A kiosk inside the space as well as facing the outside of the window on Fitzroy Street allowed visitors to put their Oyster card on a reader and have […] Read more – ‘Forcefield Interactive’.
Open Everything
5th International Open Everything event, a global conversation about the art, science and spirit of ‘open’. The conversation covered ‘things’ built using openness, participation and self-organisation. People presented stories around open technology, media, education, workplace design, philanthropy, public policy and politics. http://www.openeverything.net. Read more – ‘Open Everything’.
A new lighting installation is up and running in Phase 2 at 8 Fitzroy Street. Worth taking a look if you get the chance. Read more – ‘Forcefield’.
Energy Literacy – ETech 2008
Great presentation by Saul Griffith at ETech this year. Two points stick. 25min 25sec in he compares his “low estimate” of his actual energy usage and it turns out to be much higher than all other footprints currently being used on the internet. The slide after then makes the point beautifully by suggesting the next […] Read more – ‘Energy Literacy – ETech 2008’.
links for 2008-09-09
Website of the week: Genes and insurance — Carnall 319 (7205): 326 — BMJ hould we insure the gene pool rather than the gene? (tags: convergence genetech) twopointouch | social networks It’s about how we all lie online in terms of the way we present ourselves, or rather, that we’ve been lying about ourselves for […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-09-09’.
links for 2008-09-08
Our treacherous genes The use of genetic information in actuarial decision-making is not an entirely objective but an arbitrary product of the current state of research (tags: convergence genetech) Should genetic information be disclosed to insurers? No — Ashcroft 334 (7605): 1197 — BMJ Should genetic information be disclosed to insurers? (tags: convergence genetech) Tiny […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-09-08’.
links for 2008-09-07
Pro-Am revolution in Astronomy » CrowdsourcingDirectory Over 100.000 people have responded to the call of GalaxyZoo to help with the classification of pictures of galaxies. The result of this mass collaboration is that every picture of galaxies that was uploaded on the site was analyzed and rated 30 times reaching high levels of validity. (tags: […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-09-07’.
Bop Making Sense of Space – Summary
BOP – Making Sense of Space was a £1 million, two-year, multidisciplinary project, funded by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board. It investigated how ubiquitous computing, using wireless sensor networks (WSN), could be used to create a better understanding of the creative workplace. The project ended in December last year but I am still finalising […] Read more – ‘Bop Making Sense of Space – Summary’.
links for 2008-09-01
Flare | Apps | Index The Flare Dependency Graph uses a circular graph layout with edge bundling to show which classes import which other classes in the Flare toolkit. (tags: flex visualization circulargraph) Teachernet, Faraday Project Project Faraday's main objective was to develop exemplar designs to inform and inspire all those involved in renewing or […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-09-01’.
links for 2008-08-31
Hill Library Blog: The Entire Communications Industry, in Less than 200 Pages Co-author of the 2006 and 2007 Fact Books here. Although PFF does have an agenda, little of that agenda affects how the Fact Book is written. The main goal is to summarize all the free information about the digital economy that's out there […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-08-31’.
links for 2008-08-18
Howstuffworks "Science Videos" great collection of science videos (tags: video science faraday splashtv) FourDocs – Make Docs – Documentaries If you're looking for advice and tips on how to make documentaries, these guides provide useful information on how to plan, shoot and edit your documentary. (tags: video howto faraday splashtv) Cory's Science Experiment on Vimeo […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-08-18’.
links for 2008-08-14
175+ Data and Information Visualization Examples and Resources | Meryl.net It’s not just about presenting data in a presentation. Infovis also helps us find and understand things quicker With the growing implementation of electronic dashboards, we need to learn how to create effective visual representations of data (tags: visualization tools resource reference) Read more – ‘links for 2008-08-14’.
links for 2008-08-13 [delicious.com]
Home – Global Futures Network GFN is a free, community-edited, nonprofit ASF initiative to find and connect our planet's 1) foresight professionals, 2) future-oriented specialists, and 3) foresight/futures educators, and use and improve social networks and Web 2.0 tools for advancing (via gonzalo) (tags: foresight socialnetwork) Read more – ‘links for 2008-08-13 [delicious.com]’.
links for 2008-05-28
Sourceforge coldfusion projects Here you will find a list of coldfusion related projects being developed within sourceforge.net. (tags: coldfusion) SourceForge.net: Java IP (InetAddress) Locator Java and ColdFusion libraries to lookup country code and language from IP address. It uses a local copy of the WHOIS database to perform fast, accurate lookups of country codes. Useful […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-28’.
links for 2008-05-24
FT.com – Way to go? Mapping looks to be the web’s next big thing Mike Liebhold a veteran technologist now at Silicon Valley’s Institute for the Future, calls it a “3D data arms race”, with some of the biggest technology companies rushing to amass vast libraries of information describing the world in painstaking d (tags: […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-24’.
links for 2008-05-22
Overcoming Assumptions and Uncovering Practices: When Does the Public Really Look at Public Displays? This work reports on the findings of a field study examining the current use practices of large ambient information displays in public settings. – ethnogrphic study of large public displays (tags: display ethnography information publicspaces) Fuel Conservation No Idle Matter at […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-22’.
links for 2008-05-21
OZCHI 2008 – “Designing for Habitat & Habitus” The role of technology in supporting and enhancing our relationships with(in) the settings we inhabit and designing interactions that can sustain affective and diverse cultural and environmental life-experiences. (tags: hci conference 2008 ubiquitouscomputing) Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-21’.
links for 2008-05-20
Isophonics SoundBite is the quickest and easiest way to create great-sounding playlists in iTunes. Once installed, SoundBite will get to know your music collection and when it’s done, you’re ready to create playlists to suit your mood. (tags: music playlist itunes generator) Nano Photos Rival Modern Art Every six months, the Materials Research Society celebrates […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-20’.
CO2 footprint from travel – dopplr
Great addition to the already great Dopplr tool. Am just about to expend the significant part of this years carbon footprint… Read more – ‘CO2 footprint from travel – dopplr’.
links for 2008-05-11
Situated Technologies: Toward the Sentient City An exhibition critically exploring the evolving relationship between ubiquitous/pervasive computing and urban architecture – SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 27, 2008 (tags: architecture competition ubiquitouscomputing) Arduino playground – DMX DMX512 – DMX512 (Digital MultipleXed) is an agreement over the connection between lighting controllers, dimmers,scrollers, scanners, etc.. base page for workshop info […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-11’.
links for 2008-05-08
Process Trends Website Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel, R and Google Tools Analysis, Chart and Map Tools to Better Understand Our Data (tags: excel visualization) Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-08’.
links for 2008-05-06
flare | visualization on the web Flare is a collection of ActionScript 3 classes for building a wide variety of interactive visualizations. (tags: flash actionscript flex visualization as3) Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-06’.
links for 2008-05-03
Walking with Robots Walking with Robots is a three-year programme of public events funded by the EPSRC that aims to address: What is a Robot? What do we want robots to do in the future? What can they do now? Can robots have personalities?… (tags: convergence robotics) Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-03’.
We have been working heads down for the past few months on a new EC FP7 project called SENSEI. The goal of SENSEI is to provide the real-time sensor and actuator dimension of next generation network and service infrastructures. Or as the project website puts it: In order to realise the vision of Ambient Intelligence […] Read more – ‘EC FP7 SENSEI’.
links for 2008-05-01
Knowledge NBIC Project | The Project Sixth Framework EC, April 2006 – March 2009. The challenges raised by NBIC convergence call for renewed, informed and democratized knowledge politics. relevant to all concerned about the political, social and ethical implications of emerging technologies. (tags: convergence nbic nanotech biotech) Convergence Culture Henry Jenkins Convergence Culture Henry Jenkins […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-05-01’.
links for 2008-04-30
Twitter / andy_house data feed from house automation system to twitter – good example of using other peoples notification systems to get your data “out there” – i think there is a how to in Make Feb 2008 (tags: twitter sensei pwte energy) Nanotechnology – Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies – April 2005 helping ensure that […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-30’.
links for 2008-04-27
Nokia remade – Raphael Grignani – Thoughts We drew on a simple insight that in the not too distant future humanity will have extracted and worked much of the valuable minerals once buried in planet Earth. We will be compelled to reuse and celebrate what is essentially “above ground”. (tags: convergence craft sustainability recycling waste) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-27’.
links for 2008-04-25
Land Securities energy management Reducing energy usage, an office case study by Dave Farebrother FEI Environmental Director – pdf of slides from energy institute presentation. A case study from an office in London, UK (tags: seewatt energy pwte bop) BuilConn Buildings 2.0 a grand vision of the future of internet-centric buildings. Following two years of […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-25’.
links for 2008-04-23
Nuage Vert – Home Reading local energy consumption on the cloud. The kW values shows the actual level on consumption in Ruoholahti & Lauttasaari. The % value shows the percentage of 41,000kW, which is the estimated peak consumption for the last week of February 2008. (tags: energy visualization monitoring sensei seewatt) UNdata The United Nations […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-23’.
links for 2008-04-19
3rd Summer School on Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks senZations’08 summer school will be held in Serbia this summer.The school will be supported by the EU funded FP7 Prosense project (tags: sensei wsn) 3rd European Conference on Smart Sensing and Context – EuroSSC 2008 Oct 29-31, 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland. Techniques, algorithms, architectures, protocols, and […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-19’.
links for 2008-04-17
visualising future telecoms a collection of links to telco futures via Olivier in Sensei project. Interesting movie from Nokia on nantechnology from their Cambridge Labs – aim is to tell the rest of Nokia and the outside world what their R&D labs are doing (tags: sensei nanotech convergence telecoms) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-17’.
H3 Interactive Lighting workshop
We have been working with Tinker.it here in London in organising a few workshops around Arduino. The first is on Interactive Lighting and will involve a mix of presentations on current state of the art and building some simple protoypes. Guest talks include our own Francesco Anselmo, Massimo Banzi from Tinker.it and Daniel Hirschmann from […] Read more – ‘H3 Interactive Lighting workshop’.
links for 2008-04-11
ZigBee Wireless Energy Management Solution reduces energy bill by 37% in first year Swedish industrial company decided to outsource the energy management to a specialist firm, setting the straightforward goals: “Room temperature should be adjusted to a suitable and verified living climate, and what is not needed should be shut off.” (tags: energy wsn sensei) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-11’.
links for 2008-04-04 A Flex data visualisation for a WSN trial held at Arup over the summer of 2007. (tags: arup visualization bop) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-04’.
links for 2008-04-03
Home – Doing Business – The World Bank Group The Doing Business project… provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 178 countries and selected cities at the subnational and regional level. (via Alice Clarke) (tags: business statistics data) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-03’.
links for 2008-04-02
UK monthly and weekly degree day figures The calculation requires daily measurements of maximum and minimum outside air temperatures and a ‘base temperature’ Tbase, nominated by the user as an estimate of the outside air temperature at which no artificial heating (or cooling) is required. (tags: environment degreedays temperature energy seewatt) Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-02’.
links for 2008-04-01
Virtual Water – a double-sided poster visualizing the water footprint of products and nations *The virtual-water content of a product (a commodity, good or service) is the volume of freshwater used to produce the product, measured at the place where the product was actually produced* – useful for other representations of water usage (tags: visualization […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-04-01’.
story of stuff
Chris posted a link to the story of stuff 20 min video last week. I am re-blogging for two reasons. First it is a really well put together video and a great information piece covering many of the issues I hear the Drivers of Change researchers talking about in a CONNECTED way. Second, the story […] Read more – ‘story of stuff’.
IRC: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun
Have just finished pulling together and writing up the second in a series of internal Arup workshops on innovation. The series are sponsored by our Europe Region Design and Technical Executive and are aimed at stimulating thought around innovation amongst some of our senior leaders. It was fun to research the *overview of innovation* presentation […] Read more – ‘IRC: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun’.
links for 2008-02-28
European Future Internet Portal The new web forum to support the European discussions on the Internet of the future is now available. Within FP7, the EU has over 60 projects addressing Future Internet issues. These projects represent a combined investment of over 400 million euros (tags: internet research sensei convergence) Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-28’.
links for 2008-02-22
YouTube – The Myths of Innovation Scott Berkun doing tech talk at Google on his book tour from the Myths of Innovation. Nice overview of parts of the book and reminded me of a couple of themes I need to build into Arup innovation material. The book gives you more so worth a read… (tags: […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-22’.
links for 2008-02-21
Dopplr slides from Reboot talk at mTrends – mobile media lifestyle trends – m-trends.org For anyone interested in Dopplr and who didn’t had the chance to try it out, here’s an interesting presentation from Matt Jones he presented at Reboot 9.0. (tags: convergence dopplr) Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-21’.
links for 2008-02-14
About Meet-O-Matic: The World’s Simplest Meeting Scheduler Very cool – just works… “Use a simple web form, email participants, visually juggle constraints, presto: the precise opposite of all the meeting scheduling software that no one uses! 100% free; 100% private; no registration; no setup; no hassle.” (tags: calendar collaboration software) Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-14’.
links for 2008-02-04
code, circuits, & construction :: Sensor graphing with 3 lines of code! Tigoe: “I’ve been looking for simple ways to graph the data from a sensor attached to a microcontroller lately, because it’s such a necessary activity if you want to look at sensor data over time.” very handy (tags: arduino graphing) Orange Cone: Sketching […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-04’.
links for 2008-02-02
ICT Statistics As the UN specialized agency for telecommunications, ITU collects the most comprehensive range of statistics on Information and Communication Technology penetration, accessibility and use. (tags: data mobile research statistics convergence) Read more – ‘links for 2008-02-02’.
links for 2008-01-30
The CommonCraft Show | Common Craft – Explanations In Plain English The Common Craft Show is a series of short explanatory videos produced on our own time. Great one to explain to your mum what a blog is or social bookmarking. (tags: blogs video training youtube) Video: RSS in Plain English | Common Craft – […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-30’.
links for 2008-01-29
Energy Environment Data Ref Bank – UK This compilation of energy and environment related indicators and statistical data has been assembled from open sources that are available on the Internet. (tags: convergence dataenergy seewatt) Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-29’.
links for 2008-01-28
Bio-X Stanford University The Stanford University Bio-X program supports, organizes, and facilitates interdisciplinary research connected to biology, medicine, engineering, information sciences, physics and chemistry. (tags: Stanford bioengineering convergence holistic) Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-28’.
links for 2008-01-27
Metaverse Roadmap: Pathways to the 3D Web Taking its name from the immersive virtual world imagined by Neal Stephenson in his visionary novel, Snow Crash, the Metaverse Roadmap (MVR) is the first public ten-year forecast and visioning survey of 3D Web technologies, applications, markets, and pote (tags: convergence metaverse transmedia cim) Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-27’.
links for 2008-01-26
IT Conversations Useful site collecting audio from all the main speakers at events such emerging technology, poptech, where2.0 and items such as *interviews with innovators* – one for the ipod commute (tags: audio technology podcasts innovation convergence) DPerry.com: Michael Highland Video – TED.COM “[presented at] TED conference in 2006. I think he does a good […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-26’.
links for 2008-01-23
Feltron Eight – annual report great example of documenting and presenting what you have done. A fair amount of data capture must have been going on through out the year…. maybe some inspiration for our internal end of year investment report….. (tags: design visualization charting) cityofsound: The Personal Well-Tempered Environment Excellent write up by Dan […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-23’.
links for 2008-01-12
e-SENSE WebSite: Deliverables two interesting documents from e-Sense project on “User’s expectation, technological roadmaps and business cases analysis” and “Scenarios and audio visual concepts”. Also a collection of AV demos in flash describing the scenarios used. Useful for Sensei (tags: wsn e-sense sensei scenarios) Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-12’.
Pervasive Computing at Arup
The end of 2007 saw the final conference for the DTI Bop project. There has been a number of PR items around it including airtime on BBC Radio 5 (on the morning of the conference) and BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. It also appeared in Design Week. The move into 2008 means the two DTI […] Read more – ‘Pervasive Computing at Arup’.
links for 2008-01-10
Study takes sensory approach to improve office of the future – Design Week …According to Duncan Wilson, who describes himself as a ‘futurist’ at engineering group and Bop partner Arup, there are commercial benefits to be gained from applying pervasive computing technologies to the design of working environments…. (tags: bop office designweek) MarkMail Provides Amazing […] Read more – ‘links for 2008-01-10’.
Service resumed…
two months later, two additions to the family (Aoife and Orla) and hopefully the blog posts will start again. Read more – ‘Service resumed…’.
Walking the digital dog – IET
Went to the IET at Savoy Place last night to listen to Roo Reynold’s Mountbatten Lecture (30th in the series and still in his 20’s, just, Roo is the youngest Mountbatten speaker by a good 20 years…) Roo works for IBM as a Metaverse evangelist. He has had significant involvement in setting up IBM’s second […] Read more – ‘Walking the digital dog – IET’.
Bop Conference – London
Details of the Bop Creative Workplace conference are now available on the bop website. A pdf of the conference programme can be accessed directly. If you are interested in coming along contact myself. Friday 30th November 2007 Central Saint Martins Innovation University of the Arts London, Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP Read more – ‘Bop Conference – London’.
I came across a link to this location on google maps in one of their forums and it made me smile – no other reason to post it here than that. Read more – ‘love’.
Poptech update
Voting closed on the poptech voter after 4500 votes cast… Read more – ‘Poptech update’.
Poptech votes on drivers of change
Chris was at Poptech 2007 last week. Great blog coverage at blogginglive and a nice post by Ethan Zuckerman. Chris used the DoC voting app to canvass opinion on current drivers. The top votes (today) with 85 are Peak Oil and Climate Change with US Fascism taking 59… Read more – ‘Poptech votes on drivers of change’.
Future of Imaging – UCL Advances with support from NESTA
Summary from afternoon event at UCL on the future of imaging. Organised by UCL Advances, left half way through afternoon, got a bit fed up with the hard sell on how well academia can solve all industries research needs. Had planned to listen to the Space Syntax talk but missed it. Notes below. ‘Google Earth […] Read more – ‘Future of Imaging – UCL Advances with support from NESTA’.
H3 RFID workshop at Arup
I’m wishing that I could attend all of this workshop but the best i can do is a bit at the start and the end…. H3: RFID is the second of a series of hardware hacking workshops in London organised by tinker.it. Massimo Banzi (Arduino founder www.arduino.cc) facilitates the event with Matt Biddulph (www.dopplr.com) The […] Read more – ‘H3 RFID workshop at Arup’.
Supply Chain, Logistics and Marketing forum – Aurora
The Aurora is huge, a giant skyscraper fallen on its side floating in the sea. It reminded me of one of the concepts developed at a Hotel of the Future event we held in Lausanne a few years ago. I must find out what the staff to guest ratio is but there are staff everywhere […] Read more – ‘Supply Chain, Logistics and Marketing forum – Aurora’.
Heat in the Librarything
Two posts in one here… first is to say that I am finally starting to use www.librarything.com to keep a record of all the books i am looking it (if they haven’t got a star rating it means i have not quite finished the book yet…) Second I will also be using it to try […] Read more – ‘Heat in the Librarything’.
IRC: wisdom of the crowd
I had fun reading the Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki. It had been on the list to read for a while since the ideas in it (at least from what I had heard) reflected the strategy we had used in creating the Drivers of Change programme at Arup. If you go and speak to […] Read more – ‘IRC: wisdom of the crowd’.
Scifoo day 2
Andrew Walkingshaw – *sketching* data by creating simple query interfaces based on structured data repositories. Had similarities to the Bricks framework. Generated quite a discussion around how and who should be marking up the content. I liked one of Tim O’Reilly’s comments *you need to create the context for a set of interactions* and then […] Read more – ‘Scifoo day 2’.
Scifoo day 1
154 sessions to choose from – hmmm, how do i do that… Visual Garage – We’ll Fix Your Graphs and Visuals with Felice Frankel. Interesting session. Managed to present and get feedback on the Bop visualisations and had some great (if severe) comments. But that is what was great – an open honest critique of […] Read more – ‘Scifoo day 1’.
iphone magic
Couldn’t resist this. Played with the iPhone in Apple Store, SF. The touch interface including typing is pretty cool and the web page navigation was pretty useful – e.g. tap to resize to column width. You end up just trying gestures and they work. The resizing of images etc was very nice. So, when can […] Read more – ‘iphone magic’.
Scifoo Day 0
The best bit about conferences is actually the time you get to spend with people over lunch, in the breaks and in the bar in the evening. The sci foo events are designed to so that all the time is spent doing those three things… Arrive at Building 43, Google, Mountain View, looking forward to […] Read more – ‘Scifoo Day 0’.
DoC Convergence
Work has finally started on my first set of Drivers of Change cards. The theme is convergence and has been identified by many delegates in the foresight workshops as a key Driver of Change. The first step is to start talking to people to try and unpack what this driver might mean. Below is my […] Read more – ‘DoC Convergence’.
Innovation stimulator
Inspired by what i saw at product design firms like IDEO and manufacturers like 3M we tried to set-up a materials showcase in R&D at Arup. The basic idea was to collate samples of interesting materials, technology or even products and have them on display around our offices / project areas. It never quite established […] Read more – ‘Innovation stimulator’.
Sci Foo Camp
One of the most exciting emails this year came in a month or so ago – an invitation to Science Foo Camp from Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly) and Timo Hannay (Nature) at Google Plex in Mount View, CA. Have just had a quick look at the camp wiki and it already looks like some interesting sessions […] Read more – ‘Sci Foo Camp’.
Clima2007 keynote
Spent last week at Clima2007 conference in Helskini. A podcast (with slides) of the presentation is available on the foresight podcast stream. Photos on Flickr Read more – ‘Clima2007 keynote’.
mass customisation of my feet
Whilst in Helsinki i could not resist going to the Left Foot Company and getting measured for a pair of shoes. This was definately the most pleasant shoe purchase i have ever made. Extremely friendly (not pushy) staff, quick but thorough service and in a location that seemed like someones living room. You simply put […] Read more – ‘mass customisation of my feet’.
What the World Eats | Photo Essays | TIME
Came via kottke.org – i think i would like to sit down at the dinner table of the Ahmed family in Cairo or the Ayme family of Tingo, Equador. I can’t believe how much coke some people drink…. Read more – ‘What the World Eats | Photo Essays | TIME’.
Crossbow / Microsoft .NET imote pack
Crossbow Technology announces Imote2 .Builder for Microsofts .NET Micro Framework – looks like a MS version of the sunspot kit…. Read more – ‘Crossbow / Microsoft .NET imote pack’.
Drivers of Change briefing – Arup Campus, Solihull, June 2007
The FII team have just completed an impressive briefing (I can be complementary since I was not involved…) at the Arup General Annual Meeting (150 of the firms directors). Chris did a brief intro talking about how “change is constant, context is variable – our work is about looking at our future contexts” and how […] Read more – ‘Drivers of Change briefing – Arup Campus, Solihull, June 2007’.
Networked Embedded and Control Systems
Spoke at ICT Call 2 Information Day – Hotel Carrefour de l’Europe 110, Rue Marché aux Herbes 1000 Brussels, Presentations have been uploaded to the agenda webpage. Read more – ‘Networked Embedded and Control Systems’.
Nice example of time lapse photo. Posted on Flickr but saw via everyoneforever – amazing photograph currently showing at the Seoul City Museum in South Korea. Read more – ‘Flights’.
Sound Business – Julian Treasure
The Economist report that retail at Glasgow airport increased by 10% when they tested a soundscape installation of generative music, birdsong and crashing waves. I recently heard an example of the generative birdsong at the Box at LSE (designed by DEGW) which was really impressive – would love to try this in our offices. Julian […] Read more – ‘Sound Business – Julian Treasure’.
Wattson 105 – measuring electrical usage
Received the Wattson from DIYKyoto last week and had a quick install at home to see how it works. It has been running for 10 days and no problems so far but have not downloaded any data yet – software is to be delivered. Install was extremely simple, just clamp the current transducer (or is […] Read more – ‘Wattson 105 – measuring electrical usage’.
Haringey interactive heat loss map
Nice project for Haringey Council by Hot Mapping and Horton Levi. The aerial survey measured heat loss from every property by taking thermal images. The council claim this piece of work was completed for under 21k GBP. My house is shown circled below – not bad considering our poor level of insulation – but i […] Read more – ‘Haringey interactive heat loss map’.
RealCosts – visualising flight CO2 costs
Plugin for firefox that allows you to see the C02 impact of your journey WHILST you search for flights using you favorite website (US focus at mo so i had to use expedia.com) soon to come is a version for car directions… The calculations they are using are available on the project wiki Read more – ‘RealCosts – visualising flight CO2 costs’.
visualising C0 from cars
Nice example of tangibly making the invisible visible. On the balloon it says: Drive one day less and look how much carbon monoxide you’ll keep out of the air we breath. [via infoaesthetics] Read more – ‘visualising C0 from cars’.
Activity Space Research, The Chadwick Project
Spent morning at Activity Space Research, The Chadwick Project workshop – Pembroke College, Cambridge – led by William Fawcett (intro came via Jane Tateson at BT) Taking a modelling approach (as apposed to case study approach) to investigating the relationship between activity and space. Base assumption is that an individual has an agenda regarding activities, […] Read more – ‘Activity Space Research, The Chadwick Project’.
IET talk on Bop and CMIPS
Video of DW presentation at IET Wireless Sensor Networks Conference Read more – ‘IET talk on Bop and CMIPS’.
future leaders survey
54000 responses to the survey – pretty good sample size… look at what the crowd of 18-21 year olds are saying about our world in 2031- thanks to Caf for the link. Read more – ‘future leaders survey’.
engineers at the top
In 2005 all members of the Chinese Politburo were engineers Read more – ‘engineers at the top’.
IRC: The social shaping of technology
The third innovation reading circle reviewed The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900 by Professor David Edgerton (Profile Books, 2007) Held at the offices of LBi near Angel. The session was chaired by Nico with an introduction to his book from David. The main thesis of the book is that we […] Read more – ‘IRC: The social shaping of technology’.
Arduino BT PIR sensor
Finally got the Arduino BT PIR working and installed in Central Saint Martins and pushing data to the data server. Some photos are on Flickr and more will follow. The Arduino code used is here and a processing app to view the data being sent over the BT serial here. I ended up using a […] Read more – ‘Arduino BT PIR sensor’.
DoC cards review
A kind review of our Drivers of Change cards at Chip Overclock™ blog. Nice to be compared alongside Brian Eno, Tom Peters and IDEO. Read more – ‘DoC cards review’.
Upcoming.org: London Events
via Nico – find out what events are coming up in your city – and add your own… Read more – ‘Upcoming.org: London Events’.
Eco Chic or Eco Geek
Came across this report at Sponge a *sustainabilty development network for property and construction professionals in the UK* via the developing news blog. The MORI report commisioned by Sponge looked at the demand for zero carbon development. An interesting shift in public opinion reports that 64% of homeowners want sustainable features to be compulsory for […] Read more – ‘Eco Chic or Eco Geek’.
Podcast: A discussion with Chris Luebkeman, Director for Global Foresight & Innovation, Arup Group, London – McGraw-Hill Construction | ENR
Engineering News Review podcast a conversation with Chris on the drivers of change research project. Read more – ‘Podcast: A discussion with Chris Luebkeman, Director for Global Foresight & Innovation, Arup Group, London – McGraw-Hill Construction | ENR’.
NRF – DOC voting results
The results from our Drivers of Change survey at the National Retail Federation Conference are up on the driversofchange.com site. Roll over the drivers to see how many votes were cast. Read more – ‘NRF – DOC voting results’.
Bop project website
The Bop project website has been updated to include more of a public overview of what we are upto. If you have any queries about the project then please get in touch. We are past half way so it should be all downhill from here… Read more – ‘Bop project website’.
IRC: user-led innovation
The second innovation reading circle event theme was User-led innovation. The titles discussed were: * Democratising Innovation Eric Von Hippel (The MIT Press, 2005) * We-think: The power of mass creativity Charles Leadbeater (Profile, TBP 2007) * The Ten Faces of Innovation Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman (Currency, 2006) Read more – ‘IRC: user-led innovation’.
Photographing smoke
I wish i could do this…. Read more – ‘Photographing smoke’.
The second public workshop of the DTI project Arup are leading. Drop me a line if you want to attend… Read more – ‘bop_event_2’.
National Retail Federation Conference
The Arup Foresight Innovation and Incubation team was invited to exhibit in a Design Studio at the National Retail Federation Convention & Expo (12th-14th Jan). The emphasis of the three-day studio programme was to raise awareness of the importance of design in retail. Arup presence included an exhibit in the design studio reflecting our Songdo, […] Read more – ‘National Retail Federation Conference’.
Starting to think about how to view the sensor network data at a macro level. This sample (one week) shows 20 nodes day by day. Temperature on the y axis (and colour), time on x, alpha level showing amount of light. Read more – ‘2006_1015_1021_light_temp_colour’.
Crossbow MTS410 Nov 2006 G13
sample data file from crossbow network. Read more – ‘Crossbow MTS410 Nov 2006 G13’.
Path Intelligence – tracking people in retail
Met with guys from Path Intelligence today. They are aiming at the holy grail of being able to track people in retail spaces without any kind of intervention being required (e.g. people wearing tags). They are using mobile phones as the tag (penetration in the UK is over 100%!!) and are measuring signal strength from […] Read more – ‘Path Intelligence – tracking people in retail’.
Corian – led pong
I want one of these… Read more – ‘Corian – led pong’.
LAb[au] – Dexia Tower – Brussels
Nice example of an interactive facade and building as a device that can be altered by the public. What makes this different from other similar projects is the fact that you can interact with the building *screen* via a kiosk. A distant camera then takes a picture of your artwork and emails it to you. […] Read more – ‘LAb[au] – Dexia Tower – Brussels’.
Drawing water challenge
This competition, aimed at finding an original idea that could help many impoverished people gain access to safe water and effective sanitation, needs your creativity and enthusiasm. There are many ways to get involved – participate by proposing a new solution, or promote the competition, encouraging others to help make a difference. The closing date […] Read more – ‘Drawing water challenge’.
the darfur wall
This came via infoaestheitcs blog – what a great visualisation… Read more – ‘the darfur wall’.
European Construction Technology Platform Conference
In Versaille at the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) conference. The ECTP has been created to establish a voice for the european constuction sector with the European Commission (EC) and in particular at the moment Framework 7 funding. The days were a mix of EC representative presentations, member presentations (from industry and academy) and a […] Read more – ‘European Construction Technology Platform Conference’.
City Centre Retail
Coming up in the pipeline of the *of the future* series of workshops is on the subject of station retail. We have started work with the Narrative Environments students at CSM to create a series of future narratives around this theme. First design crit was held today and work is progressing – research is being […] Read more – ‘City Centre Retail’.
Innovation Reading Circle
Nico Macdonald did an excellent job of hosting the first Innovation Reading Circle today. The theme was sustainability, design and society, and the main title to be discussed was *In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World* John Thackara and Bruce Sterlings *The Shape of Things To Come* The objective of the Innovation Reading Circle […] Read more – ‘Innovation Reading Circle’.
Attended WorkTech06 conference and exhibition on 7.11.06 at the British Library in London. It all sounded familiar and cannot point to anything new that stood out from the day, but was great to be inside the British Library – a great venue. The day was charied very well by Jeremy Myerson (Director of Innovation RCA) […] Read more – ‘WorkTech06’.
innovations in washing
I thought this was urban myth but maybe not, anyway, good story from our current chairman… Haier, China’s largest white goods manufacturer prides itself on after-sales service. A high number of washing machine faults started being flagged by their maintenance staff and when they took the machines apart found vegetables cuttings trapped in the filter. […] Read more – ‘innovations in washing’.
PhD: Ambient and ubiquitous designs for context-aware navigation
This is a fully funded three year PhD studentship in collaboration with ARUP. The overall aim of the project is to explore ways in which navigation services can be personalised and made more context-aware. This studentship will provide a very exciting opportunity for a dedicated individual to advance their knowledge and skills in this cutting […] Read more – ‘PhD: Ambient and ubiquitous designs for context-aware navigation’.
we think – draft book for comment
Charles Leadbeater was a speaker at our first Hotel of the Future conference back in 2002. He gave an excellent insight into luxury. His latest project is We-think – an exploration of and experiment in collaborative creativity. His book, We-think, is due out next year but his publishers have agreed to him putting it on-line […] Read more – ‘we think – draft book for comment’.
ICT in FP7 – opportunities for UK
Notes from FP6 UK Information Society Technologies meeting at DTI conference centre 06.10.06 to launch the the ICT component of FP7 to UK audience. The 7 themes for ICT in FP7 Introduced main features and proposed priorities for 2007-08. First ICT call in Jan/Feb 2007. Seven *challenges* are proposed each with several *target* areas for […] Read more – ‘ICT in FP7 – opportunities for UK’.
Bop presentation to John Prescott
just presented Bop to John Prescott – when i spoke about the reasons why we were doing it the analogy he made was to do with military strategy in the American civil war – apparantly the red coats lost a few battles due to the heat and their inability to take off their red coats […] Read more – ‘Bop presentation to John Prescott’.
Ubi Comp 2006 summary
Time lapse with alpha blending was showing who was looking at what in the demo session… Attended UbiComp 2006 at Newport Beach, CA. 425 people from 22 countries. 2 days of papers and posters. Opening keynote by Bruce Sterling who introduced his concept of a SPIME, an object in space and time. He proposed that […] Read more – ‘Ubi Comp 2006 summary’.
batteryless wsn
A battery less sensor node that can be used in star configuration to create mesh networks of sensors… http://www.enocean.com/indexenc6.html Main application seems to have been wireless light switches to date. Read more – ‘batteryless wsn’.
Design Hotel – Copenhagen
Staying in Hotel Skt Petri tonight. Nice website but just wanted to find a picture of the place… also led me to find http://www.designhotels.com/ which looks handy for trying to find nice hotels for those city stop overs… Read more – ‘Design Hotel – Copenhagen’.
low power mode and temp variation
Set-up another 19 node network of Micaz motes with 6 mts310 sensor boards and 13 mts300 sensor boards. Running mts310CB code in low power mode. I initially sat all the motes together (image above) to see how close the various sensor readings were, a crude callibration test. The graph below shows that for the first […] Read more – ‘low power mode and temp variation’.
UbiComp 2006
Just registered for UbiComp2006. Hoping to take the time out to pull together some writing on Ubiquitous Computing for Arup as part of our Drivers of Change. Also will be visiting the LA office to speak about wireless sensor networks and the DTI work. Read more – ‘UbiComp 2006’.
Intelligent Environments event | Intelligent Media Initiative
Just registered for this IMI event at RIBA in October. Speakers include Usman Haque. Read more – ‘Intelligent Environments event | Intelligent Media Initiative’.
traer.physics – processing
Would be nice to use this processing library to represent temperature in an environment – *how fast the fire is burning*. Read more – ‘traer.physics – processing’.
accelerometer memsic 2125
Have had a frustrating day with this accelerometer – cannot figure out the code calculating the actual acceleration in Arduino – see forum posting. Read more – ‘accelerometer memsic 2125’.
Fluidforms – punch bag design
A great example of how people are using Arduino as an input conduit to design product…. uses a home made pressure sensor (conductive wire grids separated by foam) around a punch bag as the input device, the ouptut is a 3D model of the object to be made. Great video, love the soundtrack. Read more – ‘Fluidforms – punch bag design’.
Arduino workshop at Artificialtourism
Just back from 2 days with Artificialtourism getting some hands on experience with Arduino. After a morning of intros to Arduino, basic does and don’ts and looking at sensors available we got onto building some prototypes. First up was using a tri colour LED (see Farnell) with a simple cross fade app (from examples in […] Read more – ‘Arduino workshop at Artificialtourism’.
Perpetuum vibration energy harvester
“Perpetuum’s vibration energy-harvesting microgenerator is an enabling technology that makes wireless, battery-free sensors a reality.” Forwarded by a colleague at Arup – Paul Fuller – good to see that a UK product is pitching for the holy grail of energy harvester for wireless sensor networks. Read more – ‘Perpetuum vibration energy harvester’.
Anisotropy – Polarization
Came across this nice image of toughened glass viewed through polarised glasses on wikipedia under their polarisation entry. I had been looking up info on Anisotropy for an image analysis project I am doing at Arup. Have been implementing some basic algorithms in processing using co-occurance matrices and simple thresholding functions… might provide a low […] Read more – ‘Anisotropy – Polarization’.
learning arduino
Arduino – LearnArduino – tutorial on setting up arduino board and ide. Am getting ready for arduino tutorial with Artificialtourism next week. Received boards today from Italy – excellent turn around, just ordered them last week and they were with me this morning – nothing like tearing open a ups package to find a nice […] Read more – ‘learning arduino’.
Processing coursework
Daniel Shiffman � The Nature of Code – coursework on intro to processing – nice examples. Read more – ‘Processing coursework’.
Arduino and zigbee
Arduino Xbee, Zigbee wireless sensor and actuator iterface forwarded by Gonzalo and a potential avenue to explore for bop prototypes. BUT, would need to think about all the apps needed to get the real benefit of the *wirelessness*. The radio removes the need to wire together two communicating arduinos but thats it. To get a […] Read more – ‘Arduino and zigbee’.
Anterior Insight
Anterior Insight is a consumer–focused insight agency providing qualitative market research, forecasting and analysis of the impact that trends and consumer activity have on brands, product development, the potential for new services and business tone of voice. Their first newsletter has trends on retail. Read more – ‘Anterior Insight’.
WSN xbow presentation – how to
A useful streamed video introducing the Crossbow WSN. Requires registering your details with Crossbow but useful to get an overview of how to set-up a WSN at a high level using their hardware / software. Read more – ‘WSN xbow presentation – how to’.
The Futurist
VQR � The Futurist is the precursor to James Othmer’s book. Read more – ‘The Futurist’.
MTS310 hardware problem
Have sent off 19 MTS300 and MTS310 back to Crossbow for rewiring (2-3 week turn around). Have installed Moteworks v2 rel B. So for time being focusing on application of MTS400 (3 off) and the A/D sensor boards…. Read more – ‘MTS310 hardware problem’.
nVIDIA on fire
Alvise found this when looking for reviews on the new laptop he is getting…. nothing like seeing other peoples experiences. I like the quote from the guy who posted this *It is only a matter of time until such an incident breaks out on a plane*… Read more – ‘nVIDIA on fire’.
Ad hoc routing
Animated gif showing some time stamps of ad hoc routing over the duration of a 2 day trial – note changes in routing patterns – probably due to changes in battery strength and physical changes in space (people, obstructions etc). Read more – ‘Ad hoc routing’.
Getting things done
Met with Dan Hill today talking about interactivity in the built environment and away days – an unusual mix… the conversation reminded me to look up: Getting started with “Getting Things Done” | 43 Folders Read more – ‘Getting things done’.
20 node 24 hours
This is a screenshot of a 24 hour cycle of 20 motes measuring temp, light, battery, mic, accel and mag. Motes are micaz, sensor boards are MTS300 and 310’s. Gateway is an MIB510 connected via serial to USB converter. Data being captured into Postgres db on sony laptop. Code on gateway is XMeshBase as shipped […] Read more – ‘20 node 24 hours’.
20 nodes fluctuations
The 20 node network gave some interesting trends but weird results. Not sure why there is so much fluctuation in temperature and seems a little too periodic…. lodged a request with the support desk… Read more – ‘20 nodes fluctuations’.
wind at southend
WindGURU at Southend Tides at Sheerness WindGURU at Queen Mary Read more – ‘wind at southend’.
20 nodes
Finally got all 20 nodes up and running. 1 gateway and 19 nodes with either MTS300 or MTS310 sensor boards. Had it running overnight – moteview crashed a couple of times will need to try and figure out why. Need to go and review data to see how valid it looks. nice feeling to see […] Read more – ‘20 nodes’.
blinkybug.com – gallery
Found these from posting to Make site – what an excellent use of *spare* bits and pieces…. the blinky bugs Read more – ‘blinkybug.com – gallery’.
5 nodes
1 gateway and 4 sensor motes running. Having trouble deciphering code to get all sensors working. Have tried to use the XMesh samples as my base. Used the tutorial file (containing the temp only code) and expand it to include the other stuff. All the examples seem to be slightly different implementations though so figuring […] Read more – ‘5 nodes’.
Interaction Design for Augmented Objects
Making Ubicomp Approachable – workshop at UbiComp 2006. Sounds like an interesting workshop…. Topics include: * Specific applications and scenarios for early adoption of augmented objects * Physical embodiment vs. external augmentation. * Functional vs. thought provoking/playful augmentation. * Augmenting accessories vs. tools. * Augmentation related or unrelated to the original function of the object […] Read more – ‘Interaction Design for Augmented Objects’.
Mythical Man Month
Engineering Management Hacks: The BigBook Technique”> A reminder to myself about the mythical man month: When a task cannot be partitioned because of sequential constraints, the application of more effort has no effect on the schedule. The bearing of a child takes nine months, no matter how many women are assigned. Many software tasks have […] Read more – ‘Mythical Man Month’.
info glut
Came across the back logged life while browsing 43folders Merlin Mann’s site on life hacks (linked from Make:) The posting and the 43 folders site contain common sense (but useful reminders) on how to deal with the glut of information digitisation has created. Read more – ‘info glut’.
a few teething issues
took delivery of 20 motes, a mix of 20 sensor boards, internet gateway and the new moteview software. Started by following the user guide and the tutorials and got simple temp readings out. When i started to try doing my own thing I started to struggle – here are a few reminders for me: you […] Read more – ‘a few teething issues’.
Visualising project gannts
Ask E.T.: Project Management Graphics (or Gantt Charts) – came across this forum from a newsletter email from brucemaudesign. A fantastic forum discussion thread still active after 4 years!! Lots of posts from large civil projects to novels to movies to F1 teams regarding how to visualise the many interdependencies in managing multivariant projects – […] Read more – ‘Visualising project gannts’.
please stand securely for talk off
One Day, That Economy Ticket May Buy You a Place to Stand – New York Times Charles forwarded me this link after our recent workshop on Airport Retail. Inevitably part of the discussion ended up around the future of airline interiors and the kind of services that may become available. What i liked about this […] Read more – ‘please stand securely for talk off’.
Intelligent Sensing Programme Meeting
Intelligent Sensing Programme Intelligent Sensing Programme Meeting Venue: Riverside Room, IEE (IET), Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL To see meeting handouts and delegate list contact Duncan Wilson x52794 Read more – ‘Intelligent Sensing Programme Meeting’.
Programmers Notepad 2
Programmer’s Notepad 2 – i started using PN when developing in NesC for Crossbow motes and have just come across this updated version – a great simple code editor for windows. Read more – ‘Programmers Notepad 2’.
SunSPOTWorld – About Us, Who are we?
Sun SPOT should be rolled out in May – looking forward to getting my hands on these. Here is an intro for information: Based on a 32 bit ARM CPU and an 11 channel 2.4GHz radio, Sun SPOT radically simplifies the process of developing wireless sensor and transducer applications. The platform enables developers to build […] Read more – ‘SunSPOTWorld – About Us, Who are we?’.
explain it to your mum
Howstuffworks “How Motes Work” – came across this great intro again… Read more – ‘explain it to your mum’.
WSN video of vineyard app
Discovery Channel Video – on the use of motes for monitoring vineyard growing conditions – had seen the articles about this but good to see a video of the environment and the packaging they are using. Read more – ‘WSN video of vineyard app’.
WSN blog
WSN Update – News and Information About Zigbee & Wireless Mesh Sensor Networks a handy blog to review what is going on in the world of WSN – has a US focus. Read more – ‘WSN blog’.
flocks of motes
Paper in IEEE Computer and course info for CSE 466: Software for Embedded Systems (Wi’06) a great demo of ad hoc networks and emergent behaviour. Each mote in the network sings a bird song. If another mote near by is also singing the same song it reinforces that tune. If they all sing the same […] Read more – ‘flocks of motes’.
how fast did i really go
GpsActionReplay have been looking for this kind of GPS tool for a while – should have thought to look for an application made by / for windsurf speed sailors… Just need to download a .gpx xml file (i use easygps) containing data for a route and then load it into the gps actionreply applet to […] Read more – ‘how fast did i really go’.
Building visions on R&D
Chris Jofeh, Director, Ove Arup & Partners will be presenting on Drivers of Change to an audience at the R&D Society – all welcome – Tuesday 25 April 2006, 6.00pm http://www.rdsoc.org/06L4notice.html Chris is passionate about the role of engineers in dealing with the challenges posed by the consequences of human activities. Until a generation ago […] Read more – ‘Building visions on R&D’.
WSN application
MoteWorks Wireless Sensor Network Platform has been launched by Crossbow – this should mean out the box configuration of wireless sensor networks (given the apps that ship with it and those that can be used as plugins…) Watch this space… will report more when I have installed and played with it. Read more – ‘WSN application’.
Drivers of Change Cards
The shopping cart has been added to the Drivers of Change 2006 card site so you can now buy them online… Read more – ‘Drivers of Change Cards’.
Neither working nor having fun
Another thing blogs and open source software have in common is that they’re often made by people working at home. That may not seem surprising. But it should be. It’s the architectural equivalent of a home-made aircraft shooting down an F-18. Companies spend millions to build office buildings for a single purpose: to be a […] Read more – ‘Neither working nor having fun’.
The Meatrix 2: Revolting now showing online
A nice way of getting the message across… Read more – ‘The Meatrix 2: Revolting now showing online’.
Want to find images on Flickr? Just sketch the kind of image you want on retievr. Here is my effort to find trees in a field with blue skies and green grass. Read more – ‘Retrievr’.
Habitat Hotel LED mesh
Working for experimental company Cloud9, James Clar is building a working prototype for a model of the Habitat Hotel, near Barcelona. He says: It is a hotel with a light mesh that wraps the whole building. The light mesh has sensors that will read the daylight sun amplitude and then at night each node will […] Read more – ‘Habitat Hotel LED mesh’.
persistence of vision
Two great examples of persistence of vision. One is at the planned public library in Minneapolis where LED’s on the outside of the lift reveal letter by letter words describing the titles of books being checked out. The second came via Make magazine – one for the kids – SpokePOV – LED bike wheel images – […] Read more – ‘persistence of vision’.
GPS Google Maps
From Arup Bike User Group – gmap-pedometer. You can plot routes, work out distances and even get plots of elevation along the route – great for cycling. Read more – ‘GPS Google Maps’.
Night time in the NE
Came across mashups of earth lights on google maps and Moon maps showing moon landings – excellent. On the former i was amazed to see the comparison of light levels in Middlesbrough and the NE compared to London and SE. Read more – ‘Night time in the NE’.
moteiv : wireless sensor networks : tmote sky
One to consider if you don’t want the bundled apps that come with crossbow networks. Read more – ‘moteiv : wireless sensor networks : tmote sky’.
wattson energy display
Another cool example of people visualising energy usage but also developing the theme of ambient devices…. [from information aesthetics] Read more – ‘wattson energy display’.
Airtrax omni-directional “wheels”
This technology has been around for 30 years (Mecanum wheel, Wikipedia) or so but this is the first time I have seen it in action. The movie is much more compelling than an image or sketch of the concept. [from – Signal vs. Noise by 37signals] Read more – ‘Airtrax omni-directional “wheels”’.
worldmapper world statistics – information aesthetics – data visualization & visual culture
Read more – ‘worldmapper world statistics – information aesthetics – data visualization & visual culture’.
WSN products, people and reports
Crossbow – we are using this product at Arup – the Mica2, Mica2 dot and more recently the Micaz. Gateways include the MIB510 (with USB adapter) and the MIB600 ethernet gateway. Sensor boards include the MTS300 and 310’s, the MTS420 and the MDA500. We also have the Moteworks software. Whilst not strictly WSN technology (but […] Read more – ‘WSN products, people and reports’.